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With global tax law and regulation changes always on the horizon, tax professionals need the right international tax solution to plan effectively. Stay ahead of these cross-border developments with our integrated in-depth news, authoritative analysis, primary sources, and timesaving practice tools.

Bloomberg Tax Research keeps you ahead of the shifting international tax landscape

Stay ahead of the latest tax changes with international tax news coverage and expert analysis on the developments that matter to you.

Backed by expert tax practitioners from around the world, our platform was created to serve your specific workflow and focus.

Comply with confidence with access to resources like our tax treaty database and international portfolios, each created to give you the full picture, making it easier and faster to perform comprehensive research.

Confidently navigate tax law in jurisdictions around the world

Bloomberg Tax’s international tax planning solutions provide everything you need to understand your tax position in the countries in which your organization or clients do business.

Expert Analysis From In-Country Experts

Access in-depth analysis and practical insights from our global network of tax leaders.

Country-by-Country Perspectives

Use our Country Guides and VAT Navigator to understand the tax regimes, VAT, and GST laws of more than 220 jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Tax Treaty Database

Explore full-text treaty documents – including foreign language and English translations – featuring expert analysis with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use international tax treaties database.

Timesaving Practice Tools

Streamline your workflow with comprehensive tools including the Treaty Comparison Tool, BEPS Tracker, and chart builders on international withholding tax, VAT, and more.

Easy Document Translation

Securely translate nonconfidential tax documents from 15 languages to English with our Document Translator, which is calibrated to detect tax-related language.

International Withholding Tax Chart

Quickly compare the withholding tax consequences of investing or providing services in multiple countries. Display both the domestic and treaty rates for different types of income streams and payments, and access relevant treaty articles directly from the chart.

Explore our expert resources for international tax planning and compliance

Find the detailed reports, expert insights, and practical guidance you need to stay informed – from the foreign tax credit and transfer pricing to the base erosion and anti-abuse tax and more – on our International Tax Resources Hub.

Unravel the complexity of international tax challenges with on-the-ground analysis

Our extensive worldwide network of authors, expert practitioners, and local thought leaders provides authoritative analysis, country-specific practical insights, tax profiles, and detailed descriptions of VAT and GST laws in over 220 jurisdictions. Browse all our authors by country here.

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One of my favorite international tax features is the withholding tax chart builder, which allows me to easily determine the withholding tax rate between two countries for common transactions - such as dividends, interest, and royalties - with the click of a button. The additional commentary available regarding reduced withholding rates and treaty rates is also beneficial.
Jennifer Koorie
Corporate Tax Manager
Victaulic Company
Whether it’s looking up definitions for permanent establishment in the treaty finder or using the document translator to translate receipts from local finance teams for tax returns, Bloomberg Tax Research is fantastic for our needs.
Alex Garcia
Senior International Tax Analyst

Comply with recent developments in the OECD Two-Pillar Tax Agreement

The timeline for implementation of the agreement starting in 2023 is aggressive and developments are occurring often. To keep you abreast of these changes we’ve created an OECD Two-Pillar Global Tax Agreement Watch page – providing news, insights, roadmaps, and other tools needed to understand and comply.

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