2022 Payroll Year-End Report

With 2020 and 2021 tax legislation and continued use of remote and hybrid workers in play — the complexities of payroll year-end have increased.

To help you tackle these challenges and prepare for the year ahead, Bloomberg Tax and KPMG LLP created the 2022 Payroll Year-End Report. This complimentary report helps you navigate this intricate process with insights into policy issues, remote workers, 2022 tax legislation impacts, and more.


You’ll also get a list of 2023 federal and state wage bases, health savings account limits, and an interactive, two-page year-end checklist to help you track important benchmarks for your organization.


Topics include:

  • Covid-19 relief provisions
  • Reporting payroll tax deferrals
  • Managing hybrid and remote workers
  • Multistate reporting
  • Form W-2 year-end basics
  • Awards, prizes, and gifts


Download now to identify and mitigate potential issues and ensure a smooth year-end process.

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