Governments across the globe have imposed a range of indirect taxes and reporting requirements on businesses selling cross-border and on digital platforms that facilitate cross-border transactions.

This patchwork landscape could leave sellers unaware of the conditions under which they might trigger sales taxes in the U.S. and value-added or other taxes internationally.

This downloadable OnPoint – a summary of ready-to-use presentation slides – examines the 3 tax regimes, provides examples of the rules for e-commerce businesses, reviews the penalties of non-compliance, and more.

Topics include:

  • State “Wayfair” Rules
  • Indirect Tax and Compliance Issues
  • Hazards of Wayfair Non-Compliance
  • Value Added Taxation (VAT) of E-Commerce
  • VAT Implications Selling to EU and Non-EU Countries
  • Hazards of VAT Non-Compliance
  • EU DAC7
  • Future EU DAC7 Digital Platform News

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