Latest Tax Implications on Manufacturing

Key tax developments are influencing compliance efforts in the manufacturing industry. From Microsoft’s R&D center move to Europe to other major players pushing for R&D tax breaks in the next relief bill, our special report will make sure your organization and your clients keep pace.

Equip yourself with the information you need for effective planning and tax strategy, including:

  • An exploration of the unanswered questions surrounding opportunity zones and related deadlines, remote work variables, and anti-abuse language
  • Manufacturers’ hope for a tax break providing the option to expense R&D costs
  • OECD tax incentives and the government support provided by Europe that’s leaving the U.S. lagging behind
  • What manufacturers – and the tax professionals advising them – need to know about the digital tax process as it relates to compliance
  • Joe Biden’s tax plan as surveys show him behind President Trump in the polls on the issue of the economy
  • Made-in-America tax break final rules
  • Mismatch in profits revealed in country-by-country reporting – a tool implemented by the OECD to increase tax transparency and minimize base erosion and profit shifting

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