Survey of State Tax Departments

Making sense of the variety of tax laws across the country

For the 22nd consecutive year, Bloomberg Tax sent questionnaires to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and New York City to try and get clarity on a variety of tax issues. The responses from 42 states and D.C. reveal a lack of uniformity in the interpretation and application of state taxation, hindering taxpayers’ ability to conduct tax planning.

To combat this confusion, we are offering a free executive summary of Bloomberg Tax’s Survey of State Tax Departments. This report offers insights for tax law practitioners trying to ascertain whether a corporation’s activities within a state could result in a tax liability. We explore each jurisdiction’s position on corporate income and sales and use tax nexus, states’ tax treatment of pass-through entities, and conformity to federal tax reform.

Other survey topics include:

  • The increase of VDAs and what these programs cover
  • Continuance of remote work
  • Expiring Covid-19 waivers
  • Short-staffed revenue departments
  • Jurisdictions emboldened by Wayfair

Download the report now to keep up with the latest tax laws across the country.

Review and compare state tax policies to clarify expanding nexus standards and ensure compliance for income tax and sales and use taxes. Learn more.

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