Our 2024 Tax Outlook is now available.

The 2024 Tax Outlook goes deep into the important tax developments that will affect your workflow and strategy throughout the coming year. This forward-looking report contains deep dives into the impact of new FASB rules on provision, why automation is essential for tax departments, and coverage of the Global Tax Deal to help you stay ahead and prepare for 2024.

Download the Tax Outlook to discover all the resources – from intelligence to calculation tools – that Bloomberg Tax offers to help you keep up with constantly changing rules and regulations.

News and Analysis

  • What to expect in 2024
    • 15% global minimum tax aims to end tax rate competition
    • Refundable tax credits, subsidized child care considered

Tax Provision

  • FASB ASU and the impact on provision disclosure requirements

Tax Automation

  • Why automation is becoming essential for tax departments

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