Bloomberg Tax Recognizes Top International Authors

Arlington, Va. (September 26, 2019) — Bloomberg Tax & Accounting today announced the recipients of its 2019 Author Awards for international tax, which were presented at the company’s reception during the recent International Fiscal Association (IFA) Congress in London. Ramón Mullerat of PwC in Madrid received the Leonard L. Silverstein Award for Distinguished Service in International Tax. Andrew Quinn, Lynn Cramer, and Will Fogarty of The Maples Group in Ireland, Rahul Mitra of Dhruva Advisors in India, and Jennifer Roeleveld of the University of Cape Town, South Africa were recognized with awards for outstanding authorship.

Ramón Mullerat, this year’s recipient of the Leonard L. Silverstein Award, was recognized for his longstanding contributions to the field of international tax. The award is named in honor of Leonard L. Silverstein, the founder of the Tax Management Portfolios™ and a leading practitioner in the field of taxation for more than 60 years.

Andrew Quinn, Lynn Cramer, and Will Fogarty received the International Tax Contributor of the Year award for their outstanding work on the Ireland Country Guide. Rahul Mitra was recognized as the

International Contributing Author of the Year in Transfer Pricing for his work as the principal author for India on the Bloomberg Tax Transfer Pricing Forum as well as his participation on the Transfer Pricing Advisory Board. Jennifer Roeleveld was named the International Tax Portfolio Author of the Year for her work on the Tax Management Portfolio Business Operations in South Africa.

“At Bloomberg Tax we are extremely fortunate to be able to leverage the expertise of leading tax practitioners across the globe, such as Ramon, Andrew, Will, Lynn, Rahul, and Jennifer,” said Lisa Fitzpatrick, President of Bloomberg Tax. “We are grateful for their contributions which allow us to provide our subscribers the highest quality analysis and practical guidance they need to navigate increasingly complex global tax requirements.”

Ramón Mullerat is an international tax partner with PwC in Madrid, who has contributed extensively to the Tax Management Portfolios over the past three decades. He has authored or co-authored Portfolios on operational tax issues in Spain, Venezuela, and Chile. In his current position he oversees the firm’s Integrated Global Solutions department, which includes international taxation and transfer pricing. He provides tax advice to Spanish multinationals in relation to their structures and operations abroad and foreign multinationals regarding their investments in Spain.

“I am truly honored to receive this year’s Leonard J. Silverstein Award from Bloomberg Tax, said Mullerat.  “There is considerable work behind a Country Portfolio and I hope that my contributions over the years as well as that of my partners at PwC have helped readers better understand the insights of complicated foreign tax systems. It goes without saying that these accomplishments would not have been possible without the constant support and guidance from the analysts at Bloomberg Tax.”

Andrew Quinn, who accepted the award at the Bloomberg Tax reception with his colleague Lynn Cramer, is Head of Tax at Maples Group. He advises investment firms, multinational companies and banks on structuring their international business. He is a founder and Chairman of the Irish Debt Securities Association, the industry group established to promote and develop Ireland as a leading European location for activities to support the global structured finance and debt securities industries.

“We are honoured to receive this award and proud to be associated with Bloomberg Tax,” said Quinn.   The growing influence of the European Union and the OECD in international and Irish tax has and will continue to generate complexity that every business must navigate. The Bloomberg Tax Ireland Country Guide addresses many of these developments.”

Lynn Cramer is a partner in the Tax team at Maples Group with significant experience and advises on investment funds, financial services tax matters, and corporates on the Irish tax regime. She has particular experience in advising on the tax aspects of corporate transactions, employee remuneration and share schemes

“We are proud to have worked with a tax news, analysis, and research organization as prestigious as Bloomberg Tax and look forward to continuing to work together,” said Cramer.

Rahul is a chartered accountant with Dhruva Advisors. He specializes in transfer pricing, including inbound and outbound planning assignments, advising on profit/cash repatriation planning, supply chain management projects, and profit attribution to permanent establishments.

“It is indeed a privilege and honour to be recognized by Bloomberg Tax for authoring on topics relating to transfer pricing and international taxation,” said Mitra. “It has been my immense privilege to be associated with the Bloomberg Tax Transfer Pricing Forum as a member of the International Editorial Board and as the country reporter over the last decade.”

Jennifer Roeleveld is a Professor of Tax Law at the University of Cape Town, South Africa where she is head of all postgraduate taxation programs. Prior to joining the University of Cape Town she practiced as a Chartered Accountant and is also a Master Tax Practitioner.

“I am really honoured to receive this author award for the South African Portfolio,” said Roeleveld. “The success of Bloomberg Tax is about leadership and teamwork and I feel enormously privileged to be part of the team.”


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