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Bloomberg Tax is a comprehensive research solution designed by tax professionals for tax professionals. Plan and comply with confidence with quick and easy access to expert-written perspectives, in-depth news, extensive primary source material, and a full range of practitioner-developed tools available only from Bloomberg Tax & Accounting.

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Designed by practitioners for practitioners, Bloomberg Tax has all the resources you need to understand changes in the tax code to best serve your clients in the coming year. Take your tax research to the next level with:

  • A Section 199A Deduction Calculator to help you determine the 20% deduction on qualified business income from pass-through businesses
  • A full range of content—from Tax Management Portfolios™ to complete primary source material
  • Complete, up-to-date analysis on all the new revisions to the code
  • Time-saving tools including Practice Guides & Checklists and Year End Client Letters
  • Intelligence from more than 1,000 seasoned tax and accounting specialists for the latest news, trends, and issues shaping your field
  • And more

Tax Calculations

Stay ahead of the continuing impacts of tax reform with Income Tax Planner Web. We’ll keep up in synch with regulatory shifts throughout the year so you can keep your clients in compliance while minimizing their tax liabilities.

  • Create the most accurate tax projections.
  • Increase efficiency with comprehensive calculations
  • Run multiple “what-if” scenarios
  • Model complicated tax transactions.

Confidently calculate the most complex tax planning scenarios all year round with secure anytime, anywhere access.

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Year-End Client Letters – 2019 Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

As 2019 draws to a close, there is still time to reduce your 2019 tax bill and plan ahead for 2020. These letters highlight several potential tax-saving opportunities to consider.

IRC 199A Deduction Calculator

For the calculation of the Qualified Business Income Deduction.

This calculator enables you to determine the 20% combined deduction under IRC §199A for all of the taxpayer’s trades or businesses and allows you to easily change your entries to compute the deduction under various fact patterns.

Practice Guides & Checklists, Section 199A: Understanding the 20% “Pass-Through Deduction”

This essential resource helps practitioners start their research efficiently. Written by practitioners, this Practice Guide & Checklist explains the key considerations of Section 199A and links to Tax Management Portfolios, primary source materials and relevant content.

Portfolio 537: Qualified Business Income Deduction: Section 199A

Tax Management Portfolio 537: Qualified Business Income Deduction: Section 199A discusses a new provision of the Internal Revenue Code, §199A, which provides a 20% deduction for qualified business income, qualified publicly traded partnership income, qualified REIT dividends, and income of, or received from, certain agricultural or horticultural cooperatives. The Portfolio describes the requirements that taxpayers must meet in order to qualify for the deduction, the complex rules that limit taxpayers’ eligibility for the deduction, and the many uncertainties that taxpayers and their advisers face in interpreting the statute.

Portfolio abstract

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Bloomberg Tax’s year-end resources are just a small example of all the expertise that Bloomberg Tax provides to professionals — each and every day. Stay on top of all federal tax developments through daily breaking news, practitioner insights, and commentary on trends as well as in-depth analysis from leading tax experts.