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Riveron Multiplies Value With Integrated Bloomberg Tax Products

See how implementing Bloomberg Tax solutions led to noticeable improvements in efficiency and client service for Riveron.

Hyland Software Reduces Reliance on Outside Advisors With Bloomberg Tax’s Integrated Tax Solutions

See how Hyland Software is able to do more complex calculations in house by using Bloomberg Tax’s integrated suite of tax solutions.

Maximize Your ROI With Bloomberg Tax Fixed Assets

Discover how businesses saw greater efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their fixed assets management process.

How to Calculate GILTI Tax on Foreign Earnings

Learn how to calculate the GILTI worldwide minimum tax on foreign earnings, including what income is subject to GILTI and how it relates to Subpart F.

Complying With EU’s DAC7 Reporting Directive

Learn about the EU’s new DAC7 directive, including who is affected, covered activities, deadlines, and how to comply.

What Is the DAC6 Mandatory Disclosure Regime?

DAC6 reporting requirements pose cross-border tax compliance challenges for multinational corporations. Learn more about the EU’s mandatory disclosure directive.

Foreign Tax Credit Limitations and Rules for U.S. Corporations

The foreign tax credit is designed to relieve taxpayers from double taxation when income is subject to U.S. and foreign tax. Learn more.

The OECD and Digital Services Taxes

As the digital economy transforms business operations, the OECD’s inclusive framework will change the global implementation of DSTs.

What Is Value-Added Tax and How Is It Calculated?

Learn how value added tax (VAT) is calculated on sales and how to stay compliant with shifting rates and exemptions.

What’s the Difference Between FDII and GILTI?

Working in tandem with GILTI, FDII is the portion of a U.S. corporation’s intangible income derived from serving foreign markets. Learn more about the FDII deduction.
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