2022 Q3 Quarterly Outlook

Maintain control during uncertainty with our comprehensive look at the current economic and tax-related challenges affecting workflow automation, provision, state tax laws, and the IRS.

Our new Quarterly Outlook provides an interactive, in-depth look at the biggest tax developments throughout the year.

Curated each quarter with a comprehensive selection of forward-thinking news, resources, and research so you can stay ahead of changing tax rules and trends impacting your workflow and strategy.

News and Analysis

The last three filing seasons have taken their toll on the IRS – backlogs of paper returns, an overwhelmed customer service center, IT failures, and more – read our 5-part series for analysis of the problems that are affecting taxpayers and tax professionals and how they can be fixed.

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Tax Provision

Gain better control of your complicated tax provision process.  In this report, our experts break down the review process and provide guidance on where to focus your analysis for the best results and how to leverage what you learn for audits and future provisions.

Tax Automation

Tax departments need to be positioned to react quickly to changing tax legislation and to efficiently manage complex data management processes. Implementing lengthy and expensive automation that relies on enterprise IT support is often not an option. Learn how low-code/no-code – the latest trend in tax automation – puts control into the hands of the user and can be leveraged to help tax departments overcome key challenges.

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Survey Results & Trends

As states become more aggressive in their tax collection, it’s vital to keep up with the latest tax laws across the country. We surveyed 42 states and the District of Columbia to get clarity on corporate activities that could result in tax assessment — explore each jurisdiction’s position on corporate income and sales and use tax nexus, treatment of pass-through entities, federal tax reform, and more.

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Discover all the resources — from research to software — that Bloomberg Tax offers to help you keep up with constantly changing rules and regulations.

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