2022 Quarterly Outlook

Stay ahead of the shifting tax landscape with an in-depth look at tax automation trends and insights that will help you navigate new developments faster to be more efficient.

Our new Quarterly Report provides an interactive, in-depth look at the biggest tax developments throughout the year.

Curated each quarter with a comprehensive selection of forward-thinking news, resources, and research so you can stay ahead of changing tax rules and trends impacting your workflow and strategy.

News and Analysis

Tax regulations are rapidly changing to keep up with the influx of global businesses — affecting both domestic and international tax laws. Read the latest news and analysis from our subject matter experts on fluctuating tax policy, the OECD’s global tax rewrite, cryptocurrency, and state-level developments.

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Tax Provision

The challenges of rapidly changing tax laws and manual calculations add increasing complexity to how you manage your tax provision. Discover how recent automation technology trends are helping businesses gain a new level of efficiency and accuracy.

Tax Automation

As legislation, compliance, and data management become more complex, the need to streamline tax processes increases. Our analysis explores areas where automation may be useful and how it can be leveraged to automate calculations that follow the latest tax laws, reduce manual mistakes, and gain greater efficiency.

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Survey Results & Trends

We surveyed local taxing jurisdictions across the U.S. to gain insights on the local tax challenges you face. Read the results for a better understanding of basic local tax policy and administration, plus, hard-to-find local laws and guidance.

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