Fixed Assets

Bonus Depreciation Final Rules

On September 21, 2020, the Treasury and IRS released final regulations under T.D. 9916 impacting bonus depreciation rules. This complimentary OnPoint – a combination of ready-to-use presentation slides – outlines key aspects of the final regulations.

Cost Segregation and Fixed Assets: What You Need to Know

Putting a solid cost segregation strategy in place can yield significant benefits, including faster cost recovery using accelerated depreciation methods. This tactic has become even more valuable following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s bonus depreciation opportunities and the CARES Act’s changes to net operating loss rules.

Why Tax Departments Should have Integrated ERP and Software Systems

Join Bloomberg Tax & Accounting to learn how data management challenges can be effectively managed with the right tools and system integrations in place.

The Top Ten Fixed Assets Challenges

Fixed assets today still represent a significant challenge for organizations. Getting your fixed asset management wrong can lead to costly inefficiencies; longer quarterly or year-end closings, and poor internal controls causing material weaknesses and audit risks.