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Increase Billable Hours with Value-Added Tax Planning

Your clients rely on you for your expertise and experience in preparing their tax returns accurately. But once tax returns are filed, the need for your expertise doesn’t end. Tax planning is on-going and important throughout the year, so why let your tax expertise lie dormant until the next tax season?

Consider it a strategic opportunity to elevate your practice, generate more revenue in the off-season, and build an advisor relationship that stands the test of time. You can expand and enhance your value to your clients beyond tax compliance, retirement, or investment planning. And, any time there are new regulations and rulings, there will be uncertainty about the potential impact on clients’ tax positions. Your tax planning advice is critical to helping clients’ gain confidence in uncertain times.

This white paper makes the case for creating and offering a formal tax planning service during the off-season. It outlines the minimum requirements for tax planning, as well as ways to make your service offering more efficient, profitable, and beneficial for all involved.

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