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Credits and Incentives: Alabama Through Hawaii (Portfolio 1450)

  • This Portfolio focuses on state tax credits and incentives in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii.


Bloomberg Tax Portfolio,  Credits and Incentives: Alabama Through Hawaii contains a detailed discussion of the tax credits and incentives currently available to businesses on a state–by–state basis.

This Portfolio also addresses the issues of constitutionality, effectiveness, and the initiatives and policy directions states have taken with respect to existing programs.

The working paper section of the Portfolio contains maps and descriptions of targeted economic development zones, where available, and a listing of state and local economic development authority contacts. These materials will help the reader determine if a proposed site lies within a targeted economic development zone.

Table of Contents

1450.01. Introduction
1450.02. General Economic Incentives
1450.03. Constitutional Issues
1450.04. Credits And Incentives: Do They Work
1450.05. State Initiatives And Policy Directions
1450.06. Alabama
1450.07. Alaska
1450.08. Ariona
1450.09. Arkansas
1450.10. California
1450.11. Colorado
1450.12. Connecticut
1450.13. Delaware
1450.14. District of Columbia
1450.15. Florida
1450.16. Georgia
1450.17. Hawaii

Mark Nachbar
Mark Nachbar, Esq.
Scott Avery
Director of Tax Services and Business Development
Commpliance Group, LLC
Brent Hawkins
Bennett Tueller Johnson & Deere