International Tax

Business Operations in India (Portfolio 966)

  • The Portfolio analyzes India’s Companies Act, foreign investment policy and exchange management, anti-competition legislation, Income Tax Act, liberal tax concessions granted for new investments and industrial undertakings, concessions for foreign enterprise and provisions for computing taxable income of nonresidents.


Some indirect taxes such as excise and customs (import) duty, sales tax, value added tax and stamp duty are also discussed. Other topics explained in detail are foreign technology agreements, policies for setting up a 100% export-oriented unit and the legislation for troubled industrial companies.

The Worksheets feature a checklist of transactions, guidelines and government policies having corporate and tax significance.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Operating a Business in India
III. Business Organization
IV. Principal Taxes
V. Direct Taxation
VI. Special Provisions Applicable to Nonresidents
VII. Indirect Taxation
VIII. “Sick” Industrial Companies
IX. Transfer Pricing
X. Double Taxation Relief
Adil Kotwal
Adil Kotwal
Managing Partner
Chandabhoy & Jassoobhoy, Chartered
Sunil Hansraj