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As you prepare for payroll year-end and changes taking effect in early 2021, you can rely on Bloomberg Tax & Accounting to keep your organization compliant with the latest federal, state, local, and international payroll-related laws and regulations.


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The end of the year is a busy and important time for payroll professionals, with unprecedented challenges for 2020 year-end processing because of Covid-19. The annual reconciliation includes tax calculations, reviewing compensation and expense records, and ensuring compliance with income-withholding requirements. Given the complexity of year-end processing, employers must strive to avoid costly errors as they wrap up the current year and prepare for the new year.

To help employers navigate this busy time of year, Bloomberg Tax & Accounting and KPMG have teamed up to provide resources for year-end payroll developments and duties.

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2020 Payroll Year-End Checklist

The checklist includes useful do’s and don’ts to help employers track year-end payroll responsibilities and avoid penalties associated with noncompliance.


2020 Payroll Year-End Guide

This report covers a wide array of topics, including sections on policy issues, changes reflecting the requirements of the recent U.S. tax code overhaul, and common year-end concerns for employers.


Conquering Payroll Year-End in the Coronavirus Era

During this webcast, tax professionals from KPMG LLP and Bloomberg Tax & Accounting will discuss key aspects of the year-end process.

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Payroll Year-End Clearinghouse

To help employers navigate this busy time of year, Bloomberg Tax & Accounting offers its subscribers a clearinghouse of information on year-end payroll developments and duties. The clearinghouse provides the latest federal and state updates, including the 2020 Social Security wage base, instructions for Forms W-2, standard per diem rates, updates on state income tax withholding and minimum wages, and information on forms, publications, and other documents. A list of key dates that are applicable for the year-end process also is available.

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