Digitalization of the Economy

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The digitalization of the economy presents important challenges for international tax. These challenges relate to how taxing rights on income generated from cross-border activities should be allocated among countries, as well as how digitalization has allowed for the shifting of profit to entities in no or low tax jurisdictions. Other questions include those in the area of indirect taxation associated with the cross-border supply of goods, services and intangibles from online sales.

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Outlook on Global Tax Developments

This on-demand webinar presents diverse positions on the OECD BEPS 2.0 project. You will hear about possible outcomes with respect to the BEPS Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 proposals, and examine potential implications for multinational businesses and the entire global tax system.


How US GILTI and Global Unilateral Measures are Impacting the Digital Tax Discussion

Our symposium session at IFA 2019 featured an expert panel, including Robert Stack, for a practical examination of the politics underlying the quickly changing digital tax environment.



Digital Economy

This report highlights the efforts of the OECD to tackle the challenge, while trying to fend off unilateral efforts to tax digital commerce by France, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, the U.K., and New Zealand, among others.


Transfer Pricing Forum: Taxation and Digitalization of the Economy

In this issue, country practitioners provide their insight on how the tax authorities, as well as multinationals, in their jurisdictions, are preparing for the anticipated OECD harmonized global approach to the digitalization of the economy.



Taxing Digital Activities Likely to be Discriminatory: A conversation with Catherine Schultz, NFTC

Catherine Schultz offers her thoughts on global tax developments and how they’ll impact U.S. companies.



Taxation and Digitalization of the Economy: International Responses

As the OECD works to develop a harmonized global approach to the taxation of the digitalized economy, we’re looking at what multinational enterprises are doing to adapt their operations and business models.

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Latest Daily Tax Report: International News

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is going into 2020 with some of its most complex work ever: shepherding efforts for a global rewrite of corporate taxation systems in the digital economy.

Host Siri Bulusu spoke with Bloomberg Tax reporter Isabel Gottlieb about issues the OECD is facing and implications for countries and companies.

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BEPS Tracker
Action 1 Digital Economy – Direct Taxation

The BEPS Tracker allows for easy tracking of country-by-country developments in response to the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) action plan.


Country Guides – France Digital Services Tax

Bloomberg Tax Country Guides provide an overview of the tax regime of more than 125 jurisdictions, continuously updated to reflect developments as they happen. The France Country Guide includes an overview of recent developments in the new French Digital Services Tax (DST).


7400-1st: Business Operations in the United Kingdom

This Bloomberg Tax Portfolio is intended to introduce U.S. and other investors, as well as their advisers, to the tax and other considerations relevant to business operations in the United Kingdom.  This Portfolio includes analysis on the U.K.’s proposed digital services tax.

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