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Navigating State Tax Nexus Expansion to Ensure Compliance

Review and compare state tax policies to clarify expanding nexus standards and ensure compliance for income tax and sales and use taxes.

Cryptocurrency Tax by State

Get a complete state-by-state breakdown of cryptocurrency sales and use tax laws at a glance.

Local Tax Departments Survey Results

Read results and analysis on fundamental local tax issues in four areas: tax laws and guidance; administration; taxes imposed; and local taxing powers.

Match Group empowers its new corporate tax team with expert news, analysis, and research tools

See how technology company Match Group uses Bloomberg Tax Research to save time and money understanding complex tax issues.

Victaulic switches to Bloomberg Tax Research for easy-to-digest content and tools

See why manufacturer Victaulic switched to Bloomberg Tax to support its global tax department.

How to determine state sales tax nexus

Learn how to evaluate state-by-state sales tax nexus requirements since Wayfair, and advise your company or clients on staying compliant and managing their tax position.

Detangling State Tax Conformity

Learn about three things taxpayers can start doing today to help navigate the complexities of state tax conformity.

California C-Corporation Requirements

Learn how California state rules regarding tax depreciation differ significantly from federal rules.

Pennsylvania’s Complicated History with Bonus Depreciation

States generally approach corporate taxation by determining whether or not they will conform to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Pennsylvania is one of the clear examples of a state taking advantage of this flexibility and the resulting headache for corporate taxpayers.

Preparing for Busy Season: Tips for State Tax Depreciation

Advantage Fixed Assets can do the work for you with our state depreciation feature. Watch the webinar to learn more about our state depreciation feature on Advantage Fixed Assets.
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