The Tax Department’s Evolving Covid-19 Journey

Corporate tax professionals reveal how their business initiatives are shifting to reflect Covid-19 realities – get insights from a survey of 1,200 leaders.

Audit Considerations of the Paycheck Protection Program

Learn how California state rules regarding tax depreciation differ significantly from federal rules.

Claiming Rapid Refunds for Corporate Net Operating Losses Under CARES

Learn about the impact of the 2020 CARES Act on the processes and rules related to net operating losses, and how your business can benefit.

Coronavirus Response Results in Payroll Changes

Keep up with payroll-related changes in response to the coronavirus outbreak, including refundable payroll tax credits, income tax withholding, unemployment insurance, paid leave, and more.

Covid-19 Impacts on Right-of-Use Asset Impairments and Lease Liabilities

Many companies should evaluate their long-lived assets and asset groups for impairments due to significant changes stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

CARES Act Addresses Net Operating Losses

Read how the CARES Act addresses net operating losses (NOLs) to help businesses quickly access needed cash to sustain operations during this time.

Asset Impairment Could Be Next Domino to Fall From Coronavirus Impact

One area of corporate financial reports that could be impacted by Covid-19 is long-term asset impairment. See what questions companies should be asking.

Correcting the Retail Glitch – Depreciation Fix for Qualified Improvement Property in Coronavirus Relief Law

The CARES Act would fix the TCJA’s “retail glitch.” See how this may impact depreciation deductions claimed by taxpayers on prior year tax returns.