ASC 740: Uncertain Tax Positions

ASC 740 includes rules for recognizing and measuring uncertain tax positions in a company’s balance sheet and tax provision reporting and disclosures.

ASC 740 Tax Provision Guide

Understand the ASC 740 tax provision, how to calculate the provision for income tax, and find answers to common challenges.

Deducting Business Bad Debt

See what you need to prove to deduct business debt and how Bloomberg Tax Workpapers can help.

How to Calculate Qualified Business Asset Investment (QBAI)

Learn how to calculate QBAI for GILTI and FDII and how Bloomberg Tax Workpapers streamlines the process.

Tax Implications for Stock-Based Compensation

From RSAs to NSOs, discover the various nuances of four common stock options and the tax consequences of each.

Tax Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn how to navigate corporate M&A tax implications, including tax planning strategies for both the target and acquiring corporations.

R&D Tax Credits and Deductions

R&D credits can save your organization thousands of dollars per year. Learn more about these credits and deductions, if you qualify, and more.

ASC 740 Valuation Allowances for Deferred Tax Assets

How to recognize valuation allowances for deferred tax assets by evaluating positive and negative evidence, and how it affects income statements.

AI and Bloomberg Tax

Discover the real impact of Bloomberg Tax’s AI innovations.

Tax Deduction for Accrued Bonuses

Learn how to properly deduct accrued bonuses for tax and ensure your company doesn’t have an unrecorded tax liability.
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