Kentucky GOP Tweaks Lines to Back Up Barr: Ballots & Boundaries

Look for a final vote tomorrow in an unusual Saturday session as Kentucky Republicans fast-track a congressional redistr...

What to Know in Washington: States Speed Redistricting Suits

State courts juggling election priorities are speeding redistricting cases and frustrating lawyers looking to allege illegal gerrymandering. In Washington, the Biden administration is preparing guidance for private health plans and at-home Covid-19 test reimbursement, and meeting pushback from industry.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Insurers Urge Limits on ‘Free’ Covid Tests

The Biden administration’s plan to make rapid at-home Covid-19 tests effectively free for millions of Americans could skyrocket the cost of those tests, insurers and employers are warning the government.

Rushed Redistricting Lawsuits Yield Less ‘Dirt’ for Map Critics

State courts have been speeding redistricting cases to rapid conclusions, frustrating lawyers who want as much time as possible to dig up evidence of illegal gerrymandering.

Democrats Seek to Salvage Paths for Immigrants in Imperiled Bill

Democrats are trying to regroup on immigration changes in their sweeping tax and social spending bill, even as key proposals face enormous obstacles and the overall package teeters on collapse.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Plans Jan. 6 Critique of Trump

President Joe Biden in a speech this morning marking the first anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol plans to criticize former President Donald Trump for his role in the riot that disrupted the certification of last year’s election. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats are also planning a day of commemoration.

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Biden’s Shot Rule Hinges on Supreme Court

The fate of President Joe Biden’s push to vaccinate millions of workers amid the latest Covid-19 surge rests with a U.S. Supreme Court likely to be wary of his assertion of broad federal power to confront the pandemic.

What to Know in Washington: Biden Looks to Unify After Jan. 6

President Joe Biden is preparing to mark the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol and rally his divided party around voting rights legislation, warning that inaction could embolden extremist followers of former President Donald Trump. The House panel investigating the event is considering holding prime-time televised hearings so t...

HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: At-Home Covid Test Makers Want More Access

A coalition of companies that make at-home Covid-19 tests hired a lobbying firm to influence Medicare’s reimbursement policy around their tests.

Homeland Agency Boosts Extremism Fight in Wake of Capitol Attack

The Department of Homeland Security is working “24 hours a day, seven days a week” to ensure a Jan. 6-style attack never happens again, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said ahead of the first anniversary of the U.S. Capitol riot.
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