2022 Q4 Quarterly Outlook

Maintain control during uncertainty with this special edition of the Quarterly Outlook that examines the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) with the most relevant news, resources, and research to help you prepare for tax provision changes.

Our new Quarterly Outlook provides an interactive, in-depth look at the biggest tax developments throughout the year.

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News and Analysis

As the Inflation Reduction Act moved on the Hill and immediately following its passage, tax practitioners and even a few lawmakers published their takes on the bill with Bloomberg Tax. Read exclusive pieces from Senator Chuck Grassley, former IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti, and more.

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Tax Automation

Once again in 2022, there are variety of activities that require tax departments to keep their ears open and understand how they might need to update their automation. The new minimum 15% corporate tax introduced in the Inflation Reduction Act will require tax departments to gather certain data not previously needed. Since this is a new calculation, every company will need to build a new process to calculate the tax – automation can help.

Inflation Reduction Act Roadmap

H.R. 5376 is a bill that implements President Joe Biden’s economic agenda, including a sweeping social spending and tax package. The bill extends the expanded Affordable Care Act health plan premium assistance program through 2025, imposes an excise tax on stock buybacks, increases funding for IRS tax enforcement, expands energy incentives, and imposes a corporate minimum tax. This Roadmap provides a summary of the tax provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.

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